Independence from the Cold

Home of the development, design of the Patriot Pellet Stove. A gravity fed, no electricity required, portable and completely off-grid heating solution brought into the modern day with the use of biomass pellets. No motors, no augers and no fans to disturb your quiet mountain cabin. Pure. Simple. Heat.

As we progress, you’ll see updates, photo’s and other information relating to the design and continued development of the stove. From the initial design, which has been heating my house since October 2014, through to the larger Version 2.0 which has been moved into the testing phase on the 7th of February 2015.

For the next month or so, Version 2.0 will be undergoing continued testing, verification of operation and fine-tuning.  I’ll test burn times, flame spread, heat output, iron out any bugs that may pop up and smooth the rough edges. Maybe even a coat of shiny ceramic paint.

I’ll also be testing the stove on corn, cherry and olive pits, wheat and other biomass products. If it can be burnt, and I can get it here in West Virginia, we’ll try to burn it in this stove.

Ladies and Gentlemen…..the Patriot Pellet Stove.

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