20. Partially stove related

Don’t expect much to be done with it immediately…but there’s 40′ of 1″x1″x11ga tube on the rack waiting to be made into a frame/stand. Few other things need to happen first.


Got the missus something she’d been wanting for a while…little feathered critters. 21 of them, all about 3 weeks old. Had to enter the Peoples Republic of MD to get them, but we made it out unscathed and only a few $$ lighter than when we left. 6 Black Sexlink, 5 Amberlink, 5 Rhode Island reds and 5 Light Brahma’s.  They’re in the greenhouse tearing up the carrot/tomato/cucumber beds. Their backyard home is ready except bedding, but they need to grow up a bit before they move out there. Cats have been unimpressed, with only one becoming enamored with them.  If everything works out, come late October, the kid might have enough eggs daily to keep him fed. Might. 5doz eggs a week is ‘average’ for us.

Other than that, we’re still growing, eating and getting ‘stuff’ done.


18. Still…

Click on any of them to see the big picture. Wording for each below the photo.


A few baby melons


Baby melon on a 6″ pot




Pinto beans


Bunch of ‘maters


A ‘Lemon’ cucumber.


Raspberry starting to bloom.


Shot of the hydroponic system. Notice the cucumber at the peak? Nothing like an 8′ vertical cucumber plant.


Shot of the 2 raised beds in the greenhouse. 5′ tomato plants anyone?


Another of the roof reacher!


Baby “Straight Eights”


More ‘maters and cucumbers.


Base of the hydroponic plants.


Back porch jungle.


More pinto’s.


17. Yup, you guessed it.

Still about me.

Still working a normal job, still thinking abnormal things, still growing plants and ideas.

What a difference 2 weeks makes.  I’m wading through the jungle that was once a back deck. A few items have really taken off, as the photo’s will attest to. Everything either has a multitude of buds on it, or fruit. Going to be a lot of fresh produce in a few months. Even sweet potato’s if I don’t kill them before harvest.


16. Still about me.

Yeah, it’s summer. Not really concerned about stoves at this point in time. But, I’m not completely stove thought free though. Still minor stuff stove related happening.

V2 is in the basement. V1 is waiting for me to gather enough energy to pull it out and install the replacement. V3 still sits on the bench, waiting financing to put legs on it. Picking up a bag or 10 of pellets every payday to put back for a cold winter ahead.  Lots of items need moved to make room for 4T of pellets. The cool basement will get my attention in the coming months.

A lift of sorts has been installed in the shop to assist me with moving these things from the floor to the welding table. Nearly 4yrs in scrounging parts, a few “hey, we just finished installing at St. XXXXX’s hospital… you still need any of the scrap?”, a perfectly timed bid on ebay ($$ instead of $$$$!!!) and some creative support structure in the attic….and I have a lift that theoretically will lift and hold over 700lbs.  Nice!!

“Garden” has come in nicely. Lots of green stuff going on. Again, creative use of space, 5gal buckets and lots of soil and toil. Even the hydroponics system is kickin it. Greenhouse temps are keeping up with the tropics, and the green stuff in there is ‘goin’ nuts. More nice!

Work is still work. The $4.5M project starts tomorrow. A $1.85M was just awarded and will probably start by July. Another $1M+ worth of other smaller ones are underway or starting soon. 5/8’s are becoming more and more like a distant memory.

Anyway, photo’s to get you through to something stove rated. Figure about September, or about the first frost area.