12 Still more welding

Ran out of 11ga plate, had to cut the 3/16″ stock into strips.  Just means thicker metal in a few of the combustion areas.  Nearly 20′ of 4″ strip in this one. LOTS more welding as well. But, when it’s done…..it’ll all be worth it.

(Oh, the things I keep telling myself…. LOL!)


11. V3.0 underway

Version 3.0 is well underway. While it’s a lot less ‘work’, it’s a lot more work. Welding on the leaf is a lot of internal, after it’s together welds. Odd angles, tight spaces…perfect ways to burn hands and fingers and get crappy welds.

More as it happens.


10. Fresh Cut Leaves

Pair of fresh cut maple leaves.

Don’t have the measurements handy, but they’re both heavy and large.

V3.0 is in process.


8. Slow going, sorry

Several things going on behind the scenes preventing updates.

First, it’s been cold as the devil’s well digger’s ass here. All of the testing has to be done outside, since I don’t have an indoor location yet for this. I don’t have the space in the shop for it. I’m not ready to bring it indoors until I make sure it doesn’t need anything else done to it. Oh, and come up with$$$ for the 4″ pipe to install it. Where I ‘do’ have space is in the greenhouse…but I’ll have to move a few more items first. That could happen shortly.

Secondly, I’ve been sick as hell. Not sure what type of petri dish of goo I inhaled, but I haven’t been this sick since coming out of Desert Storm.  So far, it’s taken me down pretty hard for just over a week now. Luckily, I’m just about out of that hole I’d been digging. I’d made 12.5′ before I got tired of digging.  Luckily it’s easy to fill it back in when you’re standing at the bottom. Getting out is the hard part. I’m almost out. Few more days.

I’m still on track to put the stove on display at our local VA hospital’s Earth Day celebration in April. It’s possible that one could be used to do something like burn all the recycled pallets we pay someone to haul off all the time. Coupled with a water jacket, you could concievably heat a greenhouse, extending your planting and harvesting season. Since the VA maintains a greenhouse and veterans programs in agriculture, it ‘could’ fit with what they were trying to showcase. It would also increase the ‘season’ for the current program that pretty much ends when it gets cold outside. Plus, it’s just a pretty cool stove. But I could be a bit biased.

V1.0 is still kicking out the heat in the basement. I’m thinking I’m into my 3rd ton of pellets through it. The current bags (Prest-o-Log) are ashy crap like the ‘premium’ OMalley pellets I wanted to use a cat litter earlier this year. BUT, they burn, and ash gets dumped 2 times a day. Once in the morning when I refill it, once in the early evening as I top it off before bed. If they’ll burn, someone else will try to burn them, and they’ll know how to maintain their stove based on a relatively comprehensive testing season. Other than that little bit of maintenance, my house stays in the upper 60’s and low 70’s without HVAC/heat-pump assistance. That is a win in my book. Can’t WAIT to get V2.0 producing heat in the house.